Choose your perfect pair of sunglasses

Summer time is upon us once more, and one of the most important accessories you need to concern yourself with is a pair of good quality sunglasses.

You can always opt to take an easier path and simply buy whatever you like first, but if you decide to put just a little bit more effort to it, the rewards will be great. This is what this little guide is all about. I’m about to give you a couple of easy steps to follow in order to get the best pair of sunglasses to fit your specific needs.

I’ve been writing all sorts of articles for a very long time, and I’ve tackled pretty much every subject you can think of. I guess the time has come for us to go over some of the basic steps when it comes to purchasing sunglasses.


I believe the best articles are very short, yet highly informative. It was my way of approaching things from day one, and I don’t intent to do anything different now. I’ll try and squeeze in as much useful information as possible in a shortest article possible. If you’re like me, you don’t like wasting time, so I won’t be wasting it for you.

Now that we got those introductory sentences out of the way, we can start doing some actual work.

Step 1: Make sure your new sunglasses offer adequate protection

I’m not even thinking about telling you how much damage can intensive sun exposure do to your eyes. The first step you should take once you decide to go shopping is make sure you’re buying sunglasses that’ll provide sufficient protection in order to avoid all those negative effects we all know sun can have on our eyes.

Cataracts, cancer, burs are just a few of commonly known issues the sun has been known to cause. Safety must always come first, so even if you decide to skip all of the other steps, this is the one you definitely shouldn’t.

Step 2: If the label says “cosmetic”, don’t buy it!

You want your sunglasses to actually do what they’re intended to do. Sure, they absolutely should look pretty along the way, but appearance is always secondary to safety.

You should also inspect to see some info about UV protection while you’re at it. The surface of the lenses is also a concern. You want them to be very sturdy and scratch resistant as much as possible. If you’re intending to spend pretty penny on a pair of sunglasses, you definitely want them to last you for a pretty long time. Of course, you won’t be able to find the lenses that are virtually indestructible, but fortunately, most lenses can be replaced. You just buy another pair and have them changed. That being said, this is definitely not something you’d want to have to do often since those lenses can cost quite a lot.

Step 3: Now there’s only a matter of style left

Once you go over all of the other steps, all there is left to do is decide what do you want your sunglasses to look like. There are numerous shapes and sizes out there, and all you have to do is make them work with the overall shape of your face.

Fashion sunglasses

Choose the best conditioner for your hair type

I know that all the things concerning your hair can sometimes look like a freaking rocket science. All those different hair types, styles, problems, don’t even get me started on all the hair products you can currently find on the market. It’s a real jungle, and people tend to get more and more confused the more research they do.

That’s why I’m trying to get you closer to that whole world by writing these articles and guides where I share all the necessary tips for you to take control over your own hair. Today we’re here to tackle the topic of conditioners. We’re gonna be talking about which conditioner is the best choice for you, depending on your hair type. You thought you can get away with using just any conditioner that pops to your mind, well, of course it can’t be that simple.

best conditioner

It’s not that hard to comprehend, once you have it explained to you by someone who knows what they’re talking about. Being a hairstylist my whole life, I think I just might have enough credibility to assume I’m capable of delivering on such a huge promise.

So, if you want to find out once and for all what kind of conditioner will give you the best results, stick around, and I promise I won’t let you down.

There’s a lot to talk about here, and my space for this article is quite limited, so we better start with some useful information right away.

The importance of hair conditioner

There is a misconception about hair conditioners that we need to debunk before we can move forward.

People tend to think that only women with coarse, thick, or damaged hair need to use the conditioner, which is simply false thing to assume. You can benefit from a good conditioner no matter the state or type of your hair. Fortunately, the companies are making hair conditioners for pretty much every hair type out there, even for the ladies with extremely fine hair. There are many treatments today, which slowly became essential parts of our hair routines, and which, in turn do our hair a lot of damage. I’m talking about frequent washing, excessive combing, heat treating and styling, even the towel drying. Those are all factors which tend to give our hair a difficult time, and a good conditioner is the ray of salvation our hair need overall.

They’re also excellent addition to your arsenal for battling frizz, reducing flyaways, and keeping your hair shiny and smooth at all times. So, let me do all the homework for you, and pick the best conditioner for your specific hair type.

best conditioner2

Rinse-out conditioners

These are, without any doubts the most used kinds of conditioners out there. Almost every fancy shampoo on the market will have its pair in the form of a rinse-out conditioner.

They work very well, making your hair much easier to comb through. It’ll also be shinier, smoother, and far more manageable than before.

Leave-in conditioner

They are very lightweight, and won’t make your hair feel heavy, which is one of the problems with the conditioners intended for rinsing out. It’s simply because there are no fatty alcohols within their list of ingredients.

But if your hair is too frizzy or thick, these might prove to be a little too light for you.

Basics of skincare

Basics of skincareIn this article we’re going to tackle the problem of your regular, daily skincare routine. I know that making one of your own through trial and error can take tons of time, not to mention the catastrophic results you might end up with from time to time.

I’m here to give you a list of needed products, and a daily routine that will satisfy all the needs of your skin, no matter your skin type. I’m simply trying to save you some time, and share my years of experience with the general public. I’ll also save you up some money along the way since these kinds of advices and general beauty routine timetables would cost a substantial amounts of money somewhere else. And I’m literally giving it away, so if you might be interested in something like this, pull up a chair and stay with me ‘till the end of the article.

Products you’ll need

It might look simple at first, but it’s really not, trust me, I know.

You don’t just have to decide which products you’re going to use, which is stressful enough, you’ll have to know exactly how are they reacting together, the order in which you’ll have to use them, the effects they have on your skin, and a bunch of other things you’re not born knowing about. These thing have to be learned, and I’m here with nothing better to do than teach you.

I’m about to give you some great products decisions guidelines, and I’ll tell you why they are important for your daily routine. I’m basically going to give you a list of everything you’ll ever need, and all you have to do is simply read it and apply the newly gained knowledge to your everyday life.

Basics of skincare2

So, let’s get this show on the road:

  • Cleanser – Its purpose is to remove any make up leftovers, debris that tend to pile up on your skin during the day (and night), and oil produced by your skin. It is important that you pick a gentle variety, rather than aggressive one, and the one that is completely water soluble. We’ll need this because washing your face with pure water is not nearly enough to get it all clean. Once you cleanse it perfectly, you create an opportunity for other skin products to work much better and penetrate deeper into your skin
  • Toner – They will soften, calm, and smooth your skin. They are applied after the cleansing process, and will remove the last remaining traces of make up while providing your skin with ingredients containing repairing properties. The purpose of toners is to replenish and hydrate the surface of your skin once you got it cleansed. They’ll also help you combat dry patches and redness
  • Exfoliant – Their sole purpose is the removal of the dead skin cells, and revealing new, fresh layers of skin. You will exfoliate both the surface of your skin, and the inside parts of the pores, removing absolutely every last piece and bit of dead skin cells. Acne, sun light, and a bunch of other factors are responsible for the unusual thickness that might occur when it comes to your face. It will cause a great number of unpleasant things, some of which are uneven skin tone, clogged pores, deeper wrinkles, and dullness of your skin. You will get a radian looking, younger, and smoother skin after just one exfoliating treatment, and that’s not an overstatement. Dead skin cells are among other factors responsible for all the opposite things to the ones I’ve just mentioned.

Those would be some of my tips to make your skin what you want it to be. Stay tuned for more.

Best styles for a straight hair

Having a perfectly straight hair is considered a pure blessing in the fashion industry, and in every day life for that matter. It’s simply the best sort of canvases for the endless amounts of possibilities the hairstylist are itching to try on. So, if you have a straight hair, this would be the perfect article for you. Go over a couple of suggestions I’m about to write about, and I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll just blow your mind.

All of my suggestions are taken either from movie stars and other celebrities, or directly from the runways of various fashion shows. That’s how you know I got you covered when it comes to trendy hairstyles, and the best tBest styles for a straight hairhing is, you didn’t even have to spend any time doing the research. Well, except for the time it will take you to read this article, which won’t be a lot I presume.

So, if I did, after all manage to get you interested, feel free to continue on reading, and discover what I have to offer you this time. P.S. I hate you a little for having a perfectly straight hair btw J

Now let’s waste no more time and get straight to what we’re all here for. Here are my suggestions for your straight hair.

Round layers

Ok, so firstly we’ll have to see what does this “round layers” thing technically mean. It is one of the hairstyling technical terms, and it’s simply there to represent layers that start relatively short in the front part, and then get longer and longer as we go to the back of your head.

This style will cause the hair’s natural reflex to push further away from your face, unless your stylist decides to make it do something else, which you shouldn’t let him. I’m just saying that there are ways to circumvent you hair’s natural behavior in case you might want to opt for that.

This hairstyle is a perfect choice for wider face shaper as it tends to make them look a bit longer. Medium texture and density hair is the perfect playing ground for pulling this look off. And it’s really easy to do it with this kind of hair also.

Square layers

Best styles for a straight hair2The square layer haircut that I’m talking about will always include a fringe and a bit of face framing. If you haven’t seen it by now in my articles let me say it once and for all, I’m a huge fan of face framing techniques and haircuts.

We have yet another technical term here, that being the square layers. It is nothing else than talking about layers that are the same length everywhere you look. So, quite a different thing when compared with round layers. I’m using every moment I can to make this as much an educational article as I possibly can. The square layers will keep you hair perfectly put, which is yet another one of its natural reflexes.

This haircut is a perfect choice is your face is a bit rounder or even square and wide. The sheer length of the hair will help out making your round face look longer, and will draw attention from the chiseled jaw in the case of square face variants. Wider faces will also look thinner and longer. Medium density and texture hair will be the perfect working station when trying to pull off this look.

Well, there are my top 2 suggestions for all you lucky straight hair-ers out there. Layers are ultra popular right now, so you can expect a bunch of my tutorial articles to come in the near future. See ya!

Best flat hair styles to give you a clean look

Best flat hair styles

Best flat hair styles

They say that naturally straight hair is on the effortlessly gorgeous side. It will be beautiful even if you don’t take some extra special time to take care of it or style it to your best abilities. It can be perfectly sculpted into a wide variety of different styles, as its natural smoothness gives you what I like to call a head start.

It is also way shinier than all other hair types since the light can reflect off of its flat surface without any obstacles. It is also blessed with natural health since all of the precious oils from you scalp can freely flow down all the way to the shaft. Face it. You have a beautiful hair, and something other women pay a great deal of money to achieve artificially. So, here are my suggestions to give your great hair a bit of a makeover.

Time to celebrate that smooth mane of yours.

So, now that I’ve made you feel great about your hair, we can start listing out some of my propositions to give your overall appearance a more elegant and cleaner look.

My suggestions

Rather than making a different sub-title for every hair style I’ve decided to put them all under the same roof. So, after a lot of waiting, here they come.

Long and silky

It’s the perfect way for you to show off your straight, silky hair.

You’ll start by teasing your top hair with a teasing brush or a comb. Firm hold hairspray is your next step, followed by securing it with a simple ponytail. Use bobby pins to pin the sides.

This style is perfect for face shapes that are wider. You will get an optical illusion making your face look longer due to the vertical lines made by your long hair and the extra height you’ll get from the tease. You’ll get this look without much trouble if your hair is medium in density and texture.

Face framing

It’s the best way to add a bit of drama to your straight hair.

You’ll start by applying your hair product of choice, followed by blow-drying using an XL round brush. The only thing that’s left at this point is to smooth it out using the best hair straightener you can buy or one that is recommended by experts like Mila Withley of Hairstraightenerjudge, but be sure to bevel your ends inwards.

Best part about this haircut is that it will absolutely any face shape out there. Medium-coarse texture and medium-thick density will be the best playground for these kinds of styles.

Piecey ends

When you add some texture to the ends of a perfectly straight hair, you’re simply invoking more contemporary and stylish look to it.

This haircut will demand applying some hair product to the hair that’s still wet. Blow-dry your hair and follow that up with a styling brush smoothing. Smooth you hair afterwards via your hair straightener, but make sure you apply some heat protectant before you undergo this step. Shine serum would be an icing on the cake.

This style too is a fertile ground for any face type. It will suit you best if your hair is medium in density and texture.

Long layers

Best flat hair styles  2

Best flat hair styles 2

Addition of long layers (and I mean reaaally long) will make your straight hair able to move without loosing too much of the volume.

Styling is pretty simple and straight forward, and doesn’t differ much from what we’ve seen so far, except it’s simpler. You’ll start with some styling product application, followed by blow-drying using a large round brush.

Same old story repeats itself. This haircut will fit any face shape too. Fine-medium density paired with any texture will reward you with a beautiful look straight out of the magazines.

One length

This is the best way to achieve maximum density of your hair. The reasoning is simple; all of your hair will be the same size.

Styling product is applied to the wet hair, followed by blow-drying and using an XL round brush. It will also require some smoothing out via your hair straightener.

Long style will certainly make a wide face look longer. It is best paired with medium density and texture hair.

Well, I believe I’ve given you enough ideas to spark your imagination. Experiment, have fun and enjoy your beautiful hair.

Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face

Unlike what most people think, having a perfect hairstyle for your face is a lot harder. It goes beyond just a few snips. It is very important that before one heads up to the saloon, they need to determine their face shape so that they can have a clear mind on what it is that they really want. This can be done even when at home. What you need to do is to break a ruler and get the measurements of your brow, cheekbones and your jawline. For example, women with oval faces tend to have more or less equal widths of their jaw, cheekbones and the width of their brow. If and when this is ignored, it might end up messing your look courtesy of a poor hair do. Consider the following when selecting the most ideal hairstyle for your face:

Play around with your hair

This is perhaps the easiest way an individual can use to determine which hairstyle works best for them. Even when doing this, you need to keep your face shape and your hair texture into consideration. Just play around with your hair to see what kind of style works best for you. Make your mirror your friend and use it for the different poses. Fold it to see what it’d look like when short, straighten it with a Chi hair straightener – these are the flat irons that I usually recommend – , or curl it to see which one is perfect for you. Remember, the main reason for doing this is to find that perfect hairstyle that will make you look and feel confident.

For more idea, try looking at photos of some of the celebrities who have the same face shape as you. You can find them online by looking at the different face shapes. Do this to get ideas of what will work best for you. Once you have identified one that works for you, print it and take it to your stylist.

Pick a style that highlights your facial features

Anytime you go out for a hair do, make sure that it focusses on the things you like most about yourself. As mentioned above, the hair do should make you feel attractive and confident enough regardless of what others think. For example, people who consider their necks as their ideal feature may want to go for a short hair cut or go for a high up-do that highlights their neck region. On the other hand, if you are looking to draw attention to your eyes, then consider brow-skimming bangs that’ll make your eyes pop.

Your hair texture

Hair comes in a number of textures including: bouncy, frizzy, limp, silky and coarse hair. When it comes to styling your hair, consider all these texture types. For instance people with thick and curly hair may consider going for a short and choppy fast cut.

Face shape

With your face shape, there is one general rule; you want your hair do to be in opposition to the shape of your face. For example, if you have a square shaped face, opt to balance this sharp angles with soft layers or waves.